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Clay Marble Essay
The longing for home and family is universal.
When people are alone in an unknown place they dream of going back home. In the Clay Marble, Dara, the protagonist, shows us that she loves her home by her words and her actions. In the early stages of the book she remembers her village and how peaceful it was. Later in the book, she plays with her clay dolls and keeps on asking herself, why she cannot go home and plant her rice seeds. In the concluding chapters of the book she convinces her family to go back because wanting a home is universal. These examples, give us an image of how important home is for a twelve year old girl and her family.
Dara leaves her family when she is twelve and although she understands why she cannot go back home. She still longs for her home. “I remember happier times, when I was just two or three years old and the smiling round-faced Prince Siha-Nouk ruled Cambodia. Our little village was peaceful and the rice fields green and calm.” (Page 5). Dara, in the early pages of the book remembers how much she misses her home and how much she wants to go back. She shows that her home will always be in her mind and that one day she will go back and plant her crops. She loves her small village and she thinks it is a part of her.
Being confident is always a nice and a powerful weapon. She still talks about how much she wants to go there and plant her crops. She never forgets about that, which again tells us that she really wants to go back and that having a home is universal. “Why couldn’t we just go home and grow our rice? I didn’t care which side won as long as we were allowed to go on with our lives in the village” (Page 55). Not only does Dara believe too much confident in her win, she also looks very much further into how her life will be in their when she gets back. She already has a complete image of how she will live. She also forgets about the war and she only thinks about going home. She is independent on her thoughts and she always creates up her ideas and never asks anyone for descriptive information.
Being self-confident and independent helps