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Cold War DBQ

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union affected other countries in both political and social aspects. Many nations had to request military aid, while other individuals simply voiced their opinions about communism. Some countries decided that the best political strategy was to not get involved in other country’s affairs. Unlike the peaceful approach, other nations came to the conclusion that they should build up brand new military forces. The Cold War caused the world to be split and caused uneven distribution of power. During the Cold War many countries were affected socially. Nations such as Hungary had no choice but to ask the United Nations for military aid, when the Soviets launched an attack on them (Doc. B). Though, their request had no impact on the Soviet’s onslaught. Hungary and its’ surrounding nations were all transformed into Communist countries (Doc. A). In countries like South Korea natives were quickly stripped of their freedom, and many were falsely accused of being traitors, resulting in them being shot and hung in front of the whole town(Doc. F).Some brave individuals even decided to voice their thoughts about communism and preach to others about their country’s freedom. In Nicaragua, a woman spoke about how it’s time for democracy and freedom to prevail, in contrast to Communism (Doc. J). The Cold War affected nations negatively in social aspects, yet positively by making countries realize that Communism is destructive. There were two different approaches for the political aspects of the Cold War. Some countries thought it was smarter to not involve themselves in other nations’ political affairs. These countries thought that all nations could coexist peacefully by just exchanging ideas and learning from each other (Doc. E). These ideas were mainly India’s…