Clean Savages to Industrial Messes Essays

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Clean Savages to Industrial Messes

During the Industrial Revolution many new ideas and different ways of thinking began to pop up. Inventions such as the spinning jenny, the steam engine, crop rotation, the flying shuttle, and the spinning mule were all invented to help benefit the people of this era by producing a faster and more efficient service. The Agricultural Revolution paved the way for the Industrial Revolution by an increase in their landholdings (wealthy landowners) this enabled them to cultivate larger fields. The overall effects of the Industrial Revolution as a whole on society were very positive, but as an individual of society the effects of this era may not have been of much benefit.

The positive effects of the Industrial Revolution are very bountiful, for example new inventions were invented to produce faster goods in less time which as a result increased the country’s profit due to the fact that more goods could be traded. The steam engine, made to work faster and more efficiently by James Watt and the Steam boat made by Robert Fulton made it possible for goods along with people to be transported across large bodies of water in less time than before. More jobs were accessible by a more diverse group of people such as children, women, and men due to the fact that these quick working machines needed people to work on them, and to be fixed if needed. A new social class began to appear, the middle class – this social class was conjured up through the fact that factory owners needed people to manage their workers since the factory owners couldn’t manage all those people by themselves. The people in this social class lived comfortable lives.

Although there were plenty positives that came from the Industrial Revolution, it also brought around negatives for the workers in its factories and their living conditions. Workers…