Cleanspritz Essay

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Greener is Cleaner
Gregory J. Goba
Integrated Perspectives on Business
Saint Leo University
March 27, 2016
Dr. Blanch

CleanSpritz, a subsidiary of MJ Brenner is a manufacturer of cleaning supplies whose target market is threefold. The three industries are as follows: industrial products, home cleaning products, and auto cleaning products. Stateside revenue for their product line reached $53.76 million in 2011. However, since 2008, annual sales have been on the decline by an average of 7.5% annually (Gold, 2015). As a result of their declining sales, MJ Brenner VP of strategy gave CleanSpritz’ marketing team, led by Claire Beaton, six months to devise a plan to revive their sales strategy. Next, we will review a SWOT analysis of
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If they choose to do nothing and wait for a 99% biodegradable spray or the cartridge system, CleanSpritz could and will most likely lose much of its current market share to its competitors.
Strategic Recommendation After six months of exhaustive market research and analysis, it is my recommendation that CleanSpritz begins its next chapter by relaunching its 3:1 concentrate all-purpose cleaner. As with the many options that were discussed the benefits of a relaunch far outweigh the risks involved. Although the “green” market is still in its infant stages; only 3% of the household cleaners and laundry detergents are “green” (Unknown, 2013), this is a growing market and one that, if taken now, it CleanSpritz, along with MJ Brenner will reap long-term rewards. On the positive side of a relaunch, we would focus our attention on gaining a sizeable market portion of the commercial market. Effective today, we have no footprint in this market. However, our research has shown that there are limitless opportunities for CleanSpritz to target specific industries that would benefit from our environmentally friendly 3:1 concentrate. Environmentalists will love our product. Resulting from reduced packaging material (45% less than our all-purpose spray), we are reducing our carbon footprint while at the same time, reducing our costs significantly. By targeting the commercial