Clei/150 Week 1 Reflection

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To continue on the CLEI 150 series and to satisfy the sustainability minor requirements, I took CLEI 150B class. Different from the 150A class last quarter, which was about key concepts and methods regarding some aspects of creating a sustainable environment, 150B is more about how to solve some of the sustainability problems, especially the ones in our local environment. We were encouraged to discuss potential solutions for traffic congestions, waste management, and renewable energy consumption, even though many of our ideas seem unrealistic and crazy. Another difference is that there were more group working in class this quarter. In our urban agriculture group, we had more experiences than last quarter and enjoyed our first harvest this quarter. Other than the project group, we had a new policy group. As a policy group, we discussed in class, wrote three policy papers …show more content…
Besides, the unit provided in prompt was a little unclear, for example, it says the carbon offset cost is $100 average through 2025. Does it mean $100 per metric ton or $100 per kilogram? I looked for buying carbon offsets online and found there are too many carbon standards for buying offsets. There are also various certification projects, yet we didn’t know what kind of project would be appropriate for UCSC. What’s more, calculating large numbers and converting the units were very difficult for many of us. The first draft we turned in, as the comments said, did not meet the requirement. As difficult as it was for us to accept the grade, we had to admit that despite the problem with calculation, there were more problems with the teamwork. The fact that our paper was too short is mainly because only two members actually finished their parts and another member finished the conclusion twenty minutes before the paper was