Cliche Vocabulary Love Story Essay

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1.“Kurt, your blandishment will get you nowhere with me,” said Veronica. “Come on, we’ve been talking for at least a couple of weeks already,” murmur Kurt. Kurt believes they are “talking” but Veronica just thinks he’s one of those, stereotypical, possessive, jocks. She is nowhere near interested with him. 2.Veronica hatched a plan so that Kurt could dump their nonexistent relationship. She would become as cold as ice. Whenever she was around him her expression and actions would turn bleak. He didn’t mind, he just thought she was just playing hard to get. She hatched a new plan that was bound to work. 3.Veronica thought she’d be able to gross him out enough that he would break up with her. But there was a major blunder in her plan. She tried to fake being sick so she could throw up all over him, in front of his friends, during practice. While in the process of fake being sick she actually became sick. 4.One-day afterschool, Kurt went to go visit Veronica at her home. She was surprised to see him. He practically let himself in along with some supplies he bought from fresh and easy. He made his way to the kitchen and started to cook bouillon. “My mother would always cook me this whenever I was sick, back in the day,” Kurt cheerfully spoke. 5.Veronica was impressed on how well he cooked it. But one thing came into her mind. “Why are you here, shouldn’t you be at your home?” questioned Veronica. Kurt told her the story of how he practically lives on his own now due to the fact that his mother is always working late and his father left him. “In a way I’m like Castro. I have Carte Blache. I can do whatever I want,” he told her sadly. 6.”Well I’ve got to go now. I may be able to do whatever I want but to stay out this late is practically asking to get kidnapped,” he clamored. She hugged him goodbye and gave a peck on his cheek, “thanks for the meal,” she spoke joyfully. All of a sudden she felt celerity in her feelings towards Kurt. 7. She’s never noticed how kind and sweet he his towards her.