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In this client manual, Silk Route are preparing their staff to find different sorts of data about the background and how to utilize it.
Finding the database
When the user wants to find the location of the document they will need to go “Document”, after that they will need to click on the folder “BTEC LEVEL 3 ICT”. Once having done that they will need to go to the folder “ICT BTEC”, then “Year 13 Work”, “Mr Fisher” this is where the document is kept.

Once they have opened the database they will be able to find the homepages at the top and bottom, the buttons are all hyperlinked, this means that when the user clicks on one of the tabs it will send them to that specific page. This is done throughout the database. The database has got a home button, whenever the user wants to go back to the menu, they can click on it and it will directly take them back. The database has also got a back button and a forward button; this makes it easier for the user to navigate within the database. They don’t have to go back to the menu and click on the specific one again.
When the user opens the database they will see the “Lead Data” on the tool bar first. Once they click on it they will be sent to “Lead Data” page, here they will be able to see all the information about the different customers. If the user wants to go back to the homepage they will be able to click on the “Home” button. The “Home” button will be through the database, it will make it easeir for the user to navigate throughout.

Data Entry
Data Entry is when the user enters data on the database. The user needs to enter data on the database this is because it holds all the information which would be used in the future. When entering the information in the database, they will need to double check it for any errors which would cause problems.

An example of data entry are the fields of “Lead Name”, the user can add more names on the lists and edit the names. When the user wants to change their name