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In Depth Analysis of Client Worker Interaction Regina K Johnson SW 651

Client Worker Interaction Client is a 52yr old Caucasian female who resides at Concern for Independent Living a Congregate Care Level 2 Supportive Single Room Occupancy Facility that houses 65 adult male and female residents with Mental Disabilities. Client has schizoaffective disorder and displays hypomanic behavior. Client appears a little disheveled and her balance is a little off and she walks with a rollator walker or uses a push cart for balance. Her speech is impaired and she talks very fast and tends to make abrupt statements when in conversation and sometimes answers a question and at other times she is non responsive and starts to say derogatory things about the person she is conversing with under her breath. Client was assigned to me to help her obtain a replacement food stamp benefit card. This would be my 3rd interaction with this client. I began to work with her in session #3.

Client Worker Interaction Client; Miss Regina, can you take me to 500 DeKalb Avenue to get my food stamp replacement card because I lost it and I don’t want to apply for it over the computer because it takes too long to come in the mail and I need to buy food now. Nobody wants to take me anywhere, they’re not interested. (1) I’m not everybody else I will take you to get your card if you gather up your paperwork early enough we can go today. Client: Ok, I have carfare. Thank you. I will go get my coat and my push cart, be right back don’t leave me. You wait right there until I come back. (2) Are you sure your up to going because its drizzling rain and I know how bad your feet hurt? Client; I have my pushcart for support. I can’t walk on bad sidewalks or hills so you will have to hold my hand and don’t walk to fast. (3) I will do the best I can and take my time as long as you’re up to it. So are you ready to roll out. How do you feel? Client; Yes I’m ready and I feel ok because I cried upstairs and now I’m downstairs and I’m good now. (4) On the way to the food stamp office I explained to the client that if she sat in the front of the bus she would have to close her cart to be courteous to other passengers. I had to have this

talk with her because from past observation she exhibits rude behavior. She sat with an open cart in the front of the bus anyway. Client; I don’t care, “I will sit where I want to sit and nobody can tell me where to sit”. Let them jump over my pushcart. (5) Alright now you’re being inconsiderate of others, and people are already getting angry and it won’t be long before someone gets confrontational and you could avoid it by being polite. Client; Stop talking to me I don’t want to hear it, I’m a freaking human being and they can take the next bus for all I care. (6) I don’t know why you’re being disrespectful all of a sudden after you got your benefit card and you’re not telling me why your subjecting both of us to getting cursed out by a bunch of strangers in the middle of Bedford and Stuyvesant just because you refuse to move your pushcart out the way of passengers getting on the bus. Client; I’m pregnant and nobody is going to hurt my baby. (7) I’m speechless. Client; I’m talking to you and now you’re not answering. What’s the matter, the cat’s got your tongue? (Laughter)
(8) I don’t know why you find your behavior funny because we could have got hurt on that bus and if we had to go any further than we did the bus driver…