Client/Server Network Design Essay

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Network Technology Concepts

Matthew Jarju

IT 2250 Introduction to Network Technology

Professor Jalinous

May 29, 2011

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Networking Technology Concepts 1 Definition 1
OSI Reference Model 4
Network Standards 5
References 7

U02a1 Networking Technology Concepts


Network architecture can be referred to as the logical and structural layout of a network. It entails transmission equipment, software and network protocols. It can apply to wired and wireless mode of transmission of data and connectivity between networked components. There are several network layouts/topologies among which are (a) Bus topology. (b) Star topology. (c) Ring topology and last but not the least (d)
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In order to make everything uniform, agreements have to be universally entered and adhered to by anyone wishing to enter any industry in question. Because of standardization, a cassette made in china can fit into a tape recorder manufactured in South Africa. The ISO (International Society for Standardization) is the body that coordinates or watches over all standards.
Standardization is important in order to enable devices, equipments, products, services from different manufactures interoperate, that is, work together without any problems. It is important because this help each manufacturer concentrate in their area of expertise and allow growth and innovation due to specialization. Due to the rapid growth of the computing industry, many organizations sprang up to try and standardize products. An example is ANSI and IEEE. Both develop standards for wireless. ANSI prescribes NIC for wireless where as IEEE ensures that different parts of a communication sent out wirelessly into the atmosphere arrive at its final destination with the correct sequence. I will at this moment expand the work done by IEEE most especially in the computing world.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

The above standardization body came together in order to help professionals from electricity, electronics and computing fields. This is what I got from their website “IEEE, an association dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the