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The Effects Of Having Concealed Weapons On Campus
Cliffaniqua Towbridge
Jackson State University


This Essay is about the importance of students, and professors refraining from carrying concealed firearms on campus grounds.With the possibility of endangering the lives of the students,professors, and innocent bystanders. Arguing against the lawmakers, and courts from passing the law of guns being able to be on campus.


The Effects Of Having Concealed Weapons On Campus There are thousands of people that are on campuses of universities, and allowing loaded guns on campuses will cause a lot of violence. Universities should not allow students and professors to carry loaded guns on school campus because emotions can cause people to do violent things and people can be killed or wounded from the accidental firing of a gun. If Jackson
State University allows students and professors to bring guns on campus, then there could be chaos such as the Virginia Tech situation. Evidently unbeknownst to universities a student or professor might have a mental illness or personal problems that could push them to shoot up a university. Tragic shootings on college campuses such as Virginia Technological University and
Northern Illinois University have launched the debate for the right to carry concealed weapons on college campuses into the legislative houses of many States (Fennell,R 2009). Although some students and professors may think they should carry them for safety, guns on campus would endanger students, professors, and even innocent bystanders.
Having concealed weapons on Universities campus grounds, such as Jackson state could possibly increase violence on campuses. It would not be safe because as of now crime is already high around campus. Students are getting robbed for their ipads, money etc... Statistics show that thousands of crimes take place on college campuses daily. Mississippi now allows those who have taken a firearm safety course from a certified instructor to carry a gun on campus (Liu, M.,
2012).Because the law is being disputed, colleges currently are upholding their bans until the legal issues are resolved. If more students and professors are allowed to carry concealed guns on campus there would be more of a chance that an outbreak with guns could occur, and occupants of universities could be harmed because of the crimes that were committed daily.


If students and professors have the right to carry concealed weapons on campus it would be very risky. Furthermore, Universities never know if a student or professor has unseen mental disabilities or problems that could potentially put innocent people in danger if they had the right to carry guns. Since Virginia Tech shooter purchased handguns legally and he was also, mentally deranged, then that shows and gives proof that almost anyone at the right age with a background check, and money is all it takes to get a gun no matter what mental state that they are in. This is exhibiting that this scenario could happen again. Despite increased efforts by university administrators and their boards of trustees, as well as the increased effort by state legislators to use the law to enact change, United States (US) college campuses remain bastions of risk in areas ranging from academic fraud and misconduct to murder (et al, 2008). Therefore, if Jackson state grants students and professors to carry guns on campus then there would be more of a chance that someone would have the ability to shoot at any moment and possibly harming someone or even themselves.
The issue of carrying a concealed weapon on campus is a very important factor for students and professors worldwide. Making this