An Analysis Of Clifford's Theory

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According to Clifford’s theory in order to be justified in holding a particular belief, one must be able o succeed in this activity, so understood. Also our belief is justified when you have sufficient evidence for your belief and you put reasonable conditions. Lastly, the belief must have an adequate set of justified background beliefs.
Clifford’s main argument says, “ It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” I don’t agree with this argument. I think it is too extreme.
If people have something in mind it is always harder to convince them. They need evidence or proof if the things that other people say are true. But how much fact does a person need in order to say it is sufficient enough for him to believe in? And what is his basis for this? Is he competent enough to say that he had made the right decision and choice for believing on something that other people don't?
In everything that people do, they need to make sure that what they are saying is true or reliable or else they will be incompetent and untrustworthy; in the future no one will believe in everything that they say even though it is truthful. As a child we believe on something superficial or something according to books or fairy tales. We believe that happy endings will happen in reality. We believe on what our mother tells us about monster, people around us, and the world outside our home. But, as we grow older we realize that some of this is true some of them simulated. Our mind is developing as we aged which makes us discern things from reality to fantasy.
Evidence is always important in persuading people. Without enough evidence, how can a person influence others? It is always good to believe in something that has been effective or tested and proven. Will a person eat something that he is not certain if it is edible or not? Or will a sick person allow a person who does not have degree in medicine to operate him? In my opinion, the answer will definitely be “no”. No one in their mind will allow themselves do or eat something uncertain. People needs assurance or evidence that what they will be taking will benefit them or will give them some enhancement.
Clifford in some of his paragraph said, “ Our words, our phrases, our forms and processes and modes of thought are common property, fashioned and perfected from age to age; an heirloom which every succeeding generation inherits as a precious deposit and a sacred trust to be handed on to the next one, not unchanged but enlarged and