Climate Change Essay

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Dear Governor Malloy, As you know, the recent super storm Sandy devastated many towns and families across the state of Connecticut. Our state has endured over billions of dollars in damages after Hurricane sandy alone. Power outages and flooding took place all over the state, while many shoreline towns were completely submerged and trees were down all over. I am writing this letter to purpose a plan for the future. Going forward, I would recommend to move people away from the shorelines to prevent reoccurring damages caused by storms and start taking steps to better prepare Connecticut for the new normal climate.
Don Strait also states in the article “Rising Seas Lasting Threat”, that sea levels are anticipated to rise one and one half feet by mid-century to 3-5 feet above current levels by centuries end. This will highly affect the shoreline towns we have in Connecticut. If this was to happen many of Connecticut’s residents and businesses will no longer have places to live and operate. Financially we cannot afford to keep re-building the damages that these super storms cause. To better prepare we should learn from super storm Sandy and eventually move these people and businesses away from shorelines to adjust with changing tides. This will benefit Connecticut in the long run. Now that these weather patterns are happening more often, it is a clear indication what is in store for Connecticut in the future. I think Connecticut should take major steps to reduce admissions of greenhouse gases and C02. We should take steps to change buildings to become more energy efficient. It is important to take these steps in the near future because I think there is still time to stop these weather patterns from continuing. If scientists are right about global climate change, major consequences will follow. It is important that the state starts making these Global warming and GCC problems more obvious to the people of Connecticut. In the article Climate…