Climate Change Essay

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I am really interested on the topic of climate change, so I found listening to Emily speak about this topic through advocacy very beneficial. What I found specifically beneficial was that she actually went through the process of ways to truly make a difference, where most speakers tend to just provide information about the issue. There are three ways that she went through to help reduce the effects of greenhouse gases and decrease the rate of increasing global temperatures, which were through individual choices, media expression, and lobbying. The most effective way that I learned she believes is through lobbying members of congress, in order to get everyone on the same page. Only then will impactful changes be made to our environment, our society, and future generations.
I found her story examples motivating, especially the one where children of one of the most conservative members running for congress told their father that they wouldn’t vote for him unless he changed his position on climate change. That really opened his eyes, so this man went out of his own way to research CO2 levels and ended up changing his position for carbon taxation! Although he lost his election, this example goes to show that even the most conservative people can be swayed, which gives me hope. One thing I wish she would have discussed, however, was the recent public policies implemented on climate change. I plan on going to the spring lobby trip, where we will be focusing on climate change and