Essay about Climate Change Is Probably One Of The Biggest Problems The World Is Going Through In This Day In Age

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Climate change is probably one of the biggest problems the world is going through in this day in age. Climate change is not only effect the present, but also the future in a dramatic way. Each year change is being reported all over the world and it’s starting to affect us more and more. A lot of individuals are realizing the significance of greenhouse gasses and are trying to find ways to keep the environment safe and clean. People all around the world are polluting everyday and don’t even realize it. When fossils fuels are burned it send Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the temperatures are rising exponentially. Scientists have studied this topic for many years and have said that the climate has been rising from the 1700’s and have been causes by natural causes and will always be happening. However it has become more prominent in the past few years. Humans don’t realize exactly how much our error the world is affecting everything. Carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas that is causing the more increase in all of our temperature risings. Methane is the cause of 17% of man-made global warming and nitrous oxide is approximately 6%. We’ve had ice ages millions of years ago and now we have a roller coaster of changes. Industrial processes are putting out those greenhouse gases and it first affects the surface temperature. Then it slowly starts to warm up the ocean. If you live near the coast it will affect you the most. Weather related events have cause many catastrophes. Unfortunately, we see all of this going on and we do nothing about it. It’s a very small thing the people are asking of us. We