Climate Change Research Paper

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Nobody ignores the issue of climate change. Many of us can perceive its effects. Heat wave in summer, winter without snow, climate disruption ("there's more seasons"), floods in a corner of Europe, while another suffered terrible drought, climate change manifests itself in diverse forms.
Beyond the climate, the consequences are much more complex. Warming water and melting ice are sea level rise, which threatens many islands and low-lying areas, such as the Netherlands and Bangladesh. The 21st century may be the first to see the emergence of "climate refugees". If the darkest predictions are realized, the archipelago nations like the Maldives could be wiped off the map. Geopolitical consequences would be enormous.
These climate changes disrupt the flora and fauna, including the distribution tends to move northward. These changes affect agriculture, health, the economy. They waver models generated by the company’s market economy.
The most optimistic count for science to find the parades. But she will go quite quickly, especially when the economic boom in emerging countries observed as China, India and Brazil, which together account for about 40 3% of the world population? What will happen when China will be a developed country like the United States, which in 2007 rejected five times more CO2 per capita than China?
In addition to the technological advances, some insist on the need to completely overhaul our modes of social organization. Waste and consumption should be limited, and the need to limit the unnecessary transport of goods (egg products, making a round trip between two production sites to