Climate Change: Too Hot To Handle

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Climate Change: Too hot to Handle
Our planet has a problem that it is getting warmer. Most of the scientists agree that this climate change is threatening our earth; human beings can be extinct probably in the near future. The cause and effects of this phenomenon has been studied which is greenhouse effect. The whole world is getting involved in this issue and looking for solutions. Australian Government (2013) explain that greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that increases temperature of the earth’s surface. However, according to the investigations, human activities enhanced the greenhouse activities, making it worse. So climate change is due to the increasing human activities, global industrialization which ejects huge amount of carbon emissions. Human activities enhance greenhouse effect that causes widespread heave rainfalls in the northern Hemisphere during the last 50 years (Minetal, as cited in Allan, 2011).The rising temperature is disrupting every aspect in our life and the whole ecosystem. This climate change affects atmospheric and ocean circulations and brings many hazards to the earth, such as widespread drought, flood and tsunami. For many negative effects about climate change, people may develop diversity perspectives based on their own situations. Three typical perspectives which are Australian government, developing country and economist will be discussed in the following essay, and their correlations with common good and human flourishing will be analyses as well.

As we considered climate change, we need consider the common good for all the humans on the earth. The common good refers to the total living conditions which can enable individuals to get the achievement which enables people to achieve humanity (Australian Catholic University, 2013b), whereas climate change is a serious issue that is eliminating human living resources in many aspects. As we mentioned above, climate change can cause many negative effects, such as ecosystem disruption will lead to increasing of poverty. The refugees have to migrate from their host country because of the environmental catastrophe. This migration may contribute new issues to the other countries. So it is an initiate problem should be considered because it threatens our life. The common good refers to good for everyone, because we are all interdependent in the world, we are in the same ecosystem, that is, human beings only truly flourishing among the whole community (Australian Catholic University, 2013b). All the human beings should be responsible for the climate change, tackling the problem early can bring big reward for our future generations.

Although climate change is the global is a global issue, Australian government should pay more attention to the effects of global warming. Because Australia is easy to be attacked by global warming, intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC, 2007) emphasis that Australia is easily vulnerable by rising temperature and heavy rainfalls. Australia is a dry country any little rising temperature can cause big problem, and the rising coastline of the ocean can affect the other neighbor countries around us. The federal government and local government are cooperating together to overcome global warming. They realized that a quick response to the increasing environmental hazard is necessary. There are three solutions they are doing now, firstly, they are mitigating Australia’s green gas emissions, secondly, the local government try to make people adapt to global warming which is irreversible problem; thirdly, they are looking for new solutions to solve global warming (Australian government). The local council need to record the work they have done and analysis their achievement and experiences, this learning can improve their work in future and prevent the repeating mistakes also (D, Kennedy at al). The wide activities to defeat climate change can benefit the Australian community. It will create more working