Essay about Climate Changes

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Shithi Chowdhury January 9, 2013
U.S History PD 4

Climate Changes

Are human activities the reason behind climate changes? If you think yes then you are correct, because human activities are the main reason for the earth’s climate changes. Every day the world is changing right in front of our eyes yet we fail to notice the changes. In a matter of maybe a few years we will realize how much these climate changes are affecting us. To be honest we can already see some changes that are occurring because of the climate changes. Even though these changes are affecting the environment it is also affecting every human personally. There is so much that everyone can do to help and prevent this world from coming to an end earlier then it is supposed to. Do you really think that we still cannot do anything? Continue reading and maybe you will get some ideas on how to help. Do you ever wonder what cause climate changes? The earth is getting warmer every day because of the heat trapped gases in the earth’s atmosphere and this is because of all the fossil fuels we are burning. Ever heard of “Greenhouse Gases”, well that is one of our main reasons for climate change. These greenhouse gases are affecting earth, by melting glaciers and causing stronger storms. Earth’s air, water and land are all linked to the climate one way or another. The earth’s climate has changed once before but this time the only difference is, humans are causing the changes this time. This time these changes are bigger and occurring faster than anyone could ever imagine. How can the climates changes affect you, your community, and the environment around you? The climate changes can affect agriculture, energy, water supply, health, and the ecosystem. Global climate changes will affect people and the environment in many ways, and the impacts of these changes may be life threatening. For example, stronger hurricanes and severe heat waves. Some of these impacts may also be good. If the earth keeps getting warmer than the negative effects of the changes will over power the positive. The main goal at this point is to