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Nigeria Visitor's Guide BY: Brooke Smith Climate and vegetation
Nigeria has a tropical climate with sharp regional variances depending on rainfall. During the summer the humidity is very high and nights are hot. The temperatures are highest during November to march. Vegetation also varies dramatically at both the national and local levels in relation to climates, soil, elevation and human impact on the environment. If you were going on vacation to Nigeria i would bring a variety of cloths such as pants, shorts, and t-shirt/tank top and long sleeves. Official languages
The official languages of nigeria are english, hausa, igbo, and yoruba. English is the standard languages of business between groups.There are 521 languages spoken in Nigeria. The major languages are Hausa, Yorubo, Igbo, Kanuri, Fulfulde, and lbibio. some ethnic groups would prefer to communicate in their own language but there official language is English. Culture
The culture of Nigeria is shaped by Nigerians multiple ethnic groups. The three largest ethnic groups are Hause-fulani, Igbo, and Yoruba. Food in Nigeria is traditionally eaten by hand. It is considered dirty and rude to eat with your left hand. The people that live in Nigeria play sports such as soccer, badminton, wrestling, and running. Nigeria gained independence from Britain on October 1 1960. Nigerias economy has been based on an oil production. Custom