Clinical Assessment: A Case Study

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Clinical assessment is defined as the process of assessing the client through multiple methods, including the clinical interview, informal assessment techniques, and objective and projective test (Fawcett, Neukrug, 2015). The purposes of clinical assessments are to aid in case conceptualization and mental health diagnosis. To aid clients gain greater insight, to assist in treatment planning, and to assist in making decisions concerning the use of psychotropic medications. Job placement is another purpose for a clinical assessment., and to identify individuals at risk to name a few. The role that a clinician play in the process of clinical assessment is vital to the process of the clinical assessments. This includes communicating with clients …show more content…
Ethical, legal and professional issues when dealing with assessment, diagnosis in the assessment process, the assessment report process: interviewing the client and writing a report. Test worthiness, statistical concepts, creating new scores to interpret test data. Assessment of educational ability, intellectual and cognitive functioning, career and occupational assessment, and clinical assessment (Fawcett, Neukrug, 2015). To be totally transparent my reason for taking Introduction to Psychological Testing was to fulfill obligated requirements to acquire a minor in Psychology. I had no expectation coming into the course I knew that it was a requirement, and I am always eager to be cultured in other disciplines. I believe that being open and flexible will award invaluable …show more content…
This course was a prime example of what education on an elevated level details. Each chapter in the text gave a comprehensive account of the information that was presented in the section. The textbook in combination with the course PowerPoints aided me in understanding the sectors of psychological testing. Although informative, I feel as though the course contained a lot of information that was required to be retained.
This was an area in which I struggled, and the struggle was reflected on my test and concept checks. In this course, I feel as though I failed to meet expectations of a four-hundred level student. For this I am embarrassed and ashamed, I am embarrassed because I know that I could have performed better, and ashamed because I displayed characteristics of a lazy unengaged student and that is not who I am. Overall, I feel as though the instructor did her duties of conveying the information to the class. Lectures were clear and timely, conversations were appropriate in relation to the material being