Clinical Educator Reflection

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Throughout the observation of my Clinical Educator, I gathered a lot of informative tactics to teaching. I think before officially teaching, it’s really important to observe a professional teacher that has been in the field for many years so you can recognize which strategies work the best and also how you might handle certain approaches differently. One of the most vital parts of the classroom management plan that I detected was the implementation of a classroom schedule that dictates what students should be working on at certain time periods. In my opinion, it is extremely beneficial for students to be able to look at the schedule recognize which daily goals and tasks they should have accomplished by that point. For instance, in my Clinical …show more content…
Without a doubt, I’m a firm believer and motivator towards having integrity, being honest in all circumstances, and trying your best. I will expect nothing short of that from my students. Slacking off, cheating, and disrespect will not be tolerated in my classroom. In result of my high expectations, I will have to work hard as a teacher to offer forgiveness and understanding towards students that do not hold the same ethical values as me. The concept of sympathizing the lack of ethics a student holds, may be one of the hardest challenges that I will face as a teacher. However, I am determined to practice this patience and sympathy while I hopefully mold my students into better individuals. I intended to treat students how I would like to be treated. There’s a little quote I heard while fulfilling my practicum hours and it was “treat a student as you would if their parents were in front of you watching”. The quote really resonated in me and is one that I hope to practice every day while teaching. Unfortunately, I witnessed some teachers losing their patience and then began to belittle their students while simultaneously screaming at them. That teacher’s action was such a red flag of everything I do not want to become. I believe my genuine kindness will prevent me from ever giving up on a