Clinical Experience Reflection

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Synthesis Paper
Throughout my nursing clinical experience this semester I have been able to relate my experiences to the four areas of the Presentation College department of nursing philosophy. These include the effects of the environment on a patient, the humanity of a patient, the health of a patient, and the nursing aspect the patient is receiving. I have been able to perform all the nursing roles, which include being a provider of care, educator, advocate, manager, collaborator, leader, and consumer of research. I have made major developments in my time management, communication, delegation, prioritizing, decision-making and assessment skills. I have also been able to meet all the course objectives for adult health two.
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She had three daughters that took shifts staying in her room and would write absolutely everything down in a notebook that was passed on to the next daughter coming in. The family was very involved in their mother’s care. The patient seemed more at ease that her daughters were present and seemed to appreciate the questions they were asking. The nurse was pleasant and answered every question and made sure she talked slow enough for the daughters to write everything she was saying down. This was extremely nice of the nurse due to the patient load she had that day. The hospitalist that was on this patient case pulled up a chair up next to the patient and made sure they were still in sight with the daughters that were present. The hospitalist also talked slowly so that nothing was left out of the notes the daughters were keeping. The hospitalist answered any questions the patient had and then made sure to address the family questions and concerns. The patient responded to new tasks the hospitalist ordered well because she had the support of her family encouraging her to keep moving …show more content…
This is their health or illness continuum, which is individualized for each patient and their diagnosis. Each person in the health care team works together to create a plan of action that is even more specific to the patient that will help improve the patient’s overall well-being for the time being and for the future. This is health promotion, which will promote recovery and a healthy lifestyle. This leads to the health care team’s goal to create a plan of health maintenance. This is the health care team’s attempt to maintain the patient’s best possible health. Lastly, the patient goes through is health restoration process. This is by caring for the whole person and resolving the diagnosis. This is also establishing a way to manage the diagnosis if it is