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Clinical Field Experience D: Advocacy The organization that I selected to do my clinical field experience at is called RHA Howell’s Child Care Center that is located in North Carolina. I had a chance to with the director whom has been employed with the facility for over 25 years. The facility is a based intermediate care for the mentally retarded (ICR/MR) which was founded by a lady named Irene Howell. It consist of 125 beds dedicated to intermediate care. The main function of this facility is to provide training that enables people with developmental disabilities to function at their highest level possible. Continuum of placement and services available for individuals with exceptionalities is available to meet the needs of these children such as instruction in a regular setting, special classes, supplementary services and itinerant instruction. RHA Howell has been providing supports and services to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for more than 40 years. They work closely with individuals and families to make their lives as independent as possible, with an emphasis on community inclusion. They offer many services and programs including residential, statewide community alternative programs for children (CAP/C) and adults (CAP/DA), along with the Innovations waiver program. Tar River located in Greenville, NC is a unique pediatric program for children with complex medical needs and is a partnership with East Carolina University and the Brody School of Medicine. Anson Children Center is a five star day care center for typically developing and special needs children from birth to age five and ranked in the top 25% in North Carolina. Magnolia Place provides a supported living environment and vocational training through an innovative program in partnership with Work Source East Vocational Rehabilitation for students 18 and older. Some of the activities that take place at this facility consist of New Year’s Ball, Valentines Dance, Easter Egg Hunt, Mother’s & Father’s Day festivities and dinner, Pool parties, 4th of July fireworks, Special Olympics, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas activities, just to name a few. Field trips are taken