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Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
NU 234 Weekly Clinical Evaluation Tool

Student: Hyesung Nam Date: 03//26/2012

Reminder: To successfully pass clinical, students must perform at a level of 3 or above based on the evaluation tool rubric. Please refer to the rubric when completing your evaluation.

I. Self Evaluation
|CLINICAL EDUCATIONAL |Level |Comments / Examples |
|CONCEPT |3 - 5 |Supporting achievement in each category. |
|I. CRITICAL THINKING |4 |Ms. MC is a Spanish speaker and speaks little English. I asked her to rate her|
| | |pain on the scale of 0 to 10, but she did not understand it. So I utilized the|
| | |facial pain scale in the room to assess her pain level. She understood it and |
| | |told me 2. |
|Competencies | |I washed my hands and used clean gloves to assess the newborn |
|Performs techniques according to stated guidelines and institutional policy.| |I inserted Foley catheter with appropriate aseptic technique. |
|Demonstrates appropriate use of medical and surgical asepsis. | | |
|Complies with OSHA guidelines | | |
|A. Communication |4 | |
|Consistently demonstrates the ability to speak and comprehend English. | |I explained medical benefits of breastfeeding to pt and her husband. They |
|Consistently demonstrates the ability to read & write English at a level | |indicated that they were able to get a better understanding of breastfeeding’s|
|that meets the need for accurate, clear, & effective communication with | |benefits after my explanation. |
|clients, health care team members, peers, & instructors. | |There was a language barrier between me and my patient, so I had to keep my |
|Rarely requires additional guidance and direction with oral/verbal reports | |eyes on her with non-verbal cues as well. During newborn assessment and |
|and documents in an accurate and concise manner. | |injection of vaccine mom seem to worry about her crying baby, but she didn’t |
|Consistently complies with oral & written directions | |say anything. So I went to her and explained her and her husband what we are |
|Consistently demonstrates therapeutic communication techniques with clients.| |doing and crying is good indicator of baby’s reaction. |