Characteristics And Skills

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Characteristics and Skills
Ronie Langley
August 31, 2014
Professor Sheryl
Characteristics and Skills
When researching for a Human Service agency I came across one that is not far away from me in Pontiac, Michigan. The Department of Human Services (DHS) was one I was familiar with because of past financial issue with my father and having to visit the offices. The available job that was listed that I am interested in for my future career after my degree is finished is clinical social worker, you need the possession of your master’s degree in social work and no experience is needed. Some characteristics and skills that are needed are “ Knowledge of basic sciences (psychology, sociology, and economics), the principles procedures, techniques, trends, and literature of clinical social work, characteristics and social aspects of mental and emotional disturbances and developmental disability… continue at website ” ("Michigan Civil Service Commission Job Specification Clinical Social Worker", n.d.). This job will require travels between schools, courts, police departments, and prisons. The employees accompanied to this job oversee professional work/assignments to provide treatment and casework to the residents in state faculties, assisted living homes/group homes, and to the state employees along with their families. Coming with this job there is four classifications, Clinical social worker 9 which is entry level, clinical social worker 10 intermediate level, clinical social worker P11 experienced level, clinical social worker 12 the advanced level. Each level requires experience from the previous level in order to move up in each classification. Some characteristics that can help be an effective helper with your client is “affection plus passion touched by the quality of