Clinical Trial and Walden University Essay

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Academic and Professional Development
Nwanneka Ezejiofor
June 6 2012
Walden University

The purpose of this paper is to discuss what it means to be a scholar-practitioner in clinical research, the value academic integrity has impacted my study at Walden University and my area of growth pertaining to scholarly writing and way of improving. In addition, the relevance of proper communication and teamwork that will enhance good clinical outcomes and provide safety for patients, is also discussed

Key words; scholar, practitioner, integrity, communication, teamwork, outcome
Academic and Professional Development
A scholar- practitioner is a clinical practice that is merited by a graduate individual. These individuals use their ideas and skills to solving human problems. A scholar- practitioner should be properly trained and have grounded skills, especially in clinical research administration. The goal of a scholar- practitioner is to develop research, critical thinking, and invention of ideas, problem- solving, and other scientific skills that’s particularly relevant to clinical practice. Charles McClintock define the scholar- practitioner as an idea of professional excellence grounded in theory and research, informed by experimental knowledge and motivated by personal values, political commitments, and ethical conduct. To be a scholar, one must be able to equip themselves into the academic world; there must be a commitment to the advancement of knowledge of one’s self in a theory based environment. A practitioner is the one using their scholarly theory to practice the models. They are equipped with the understanding of how to implement, observe, and develop these models is crucial to a successful practitioner. The developments of these models are influential in the growth of the discipline to a true scholar- practitioner. These professionals are continually pursuing specialist through research, collaborating with fellow professionals in the teaching and invention of ideas to the public. Scholar- practitioner can work or share idea in all field. And with their continuous training in education, proper development of knowledge in all field of study is acquired.
Personally, I'm moving gradually to the scholarly side of the clinical research administration. Although, I am able to utilize some theory in my course of study at Walden University as a clinical research administration .This pursuit of higher education keeps me on the scholar side of the model. I am learning much about the basic concept and the theory based models, when it is possible to use these ideas in my professional setting I do apply them and will continually work to see how I can develop them to promote Walden University and be proud of myself.
Academic integrity is the moral conduct or ethical policy, related in academic settings to bring good academic standard that involves honesty and humors in research and learning. It also includes Plagiarism, cheating. Being a graduate student at Walden University the value of academic integrity has place more value to my personality. I am very uplifted with my Walden university orientation because that gave me a good model to utilize the mission and vision of Walden University to purse a quality academic integrity. Furthermore, my second class with Prof Diana Nasser has gradually expanded my writing ability and momentarily improved my scholarly professionalism. Also, the class discussion board environment has contributed uniquely to my learning and writing values. Moreover, it wasn’t until I joined Walden community that my value for academic integrity especially my concept on plagiarism was redirected. In Africa, we think plagiarism is just a merely saying something by mouth, teachers and