Essay Clocky the Run Away Alarm Clock

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1. What are the key marketing challenges facing Gauri Nanda ?? how would you prioritize them in terms of which are most crucial to effectively bring her new product to market ? Product Positioning: First challenge facing Nada would be the product positioning, already she has media/consumer interest,which will help her to bring the product to the market. Nanda has to decide which segment to target. According to the case there two segments described a) Need Segment, b) Fun segment. a) If clocky is positioned as a fun/cute product she needs to be careful to avoid turning the product into a fad, which happened with some other products which were lunched before such as Furby and Tickle-Me-Elmo. b)If clock is positioned as a need product she may …show more content…
This gives us a reasonably accurate approximation of the percentage of the fun segment, as customers who buy Clocky for themselves are most probably seeking to change their wake up process and therefore may be regarded as “need” segment. Focussing Clocky in Need Market would not stop Fun market buy it. As soon as it has the design and looks like a robotic pet options and still fulfills the needs of Need Market. 3.Which positioning options are the most feasible ones for Clocky ? Which ones are the most valuable to Nanda given her aspirations? do you see the positioning of Clocky changing over time ? 1. Positioning is the process of forming an image, identity of product and product’s own association row in the minds of their target customers. I’d outline the following positioning options for Clocky: 2. Cute household pet which HELPS you wake up at the time allowing you to achieve everything you have planned. 3. New technological alarm-clock that does get you out of bed. 4. New era alarm-clock (since snooze button alarm-clocks). 5. A fun wake up robot.

6. A toy which has useful functionality (can wake you up). And combinations of the above. I suggest that Clocky be positioned as a conceptually new device (not alarm-clock!) that changes customers’ wake up process, which allows them have enough time to achieve everything they have planned. The following ideas are crucial for the positioning as I see it. 2. New era of wake up devices