Cloke And Goldsmith: Images Of Conflict In The Popular Media

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Cloke and Goldsmith discuss images of conflict in the popular media, including sports, television dramas and comedies, news, and advertising. Think about the popular media to which you are regularly exposed and the messages about conflict communicated through the media. For example, you may be an avid fan of televised college or professional football. Or, you may be a regular viewer or particular drama or comedy programs on television. Make a post in which you describe the ideas about conflict communicated through the sports event or television program.

I maybe one of the few persons in North America who cannot say I have an entertainment program that I watch. When my husband is around he watches American football on Sundays from 1:00 pm until whenever the last game comes on. I have played field hockey, soccer, ran track and watched cricket, chess and a few other sports. Television was not a big part of my culture growing up and even as an adult I do not find the programs terrible attractive. I watch CNN and Fox News but also watch BBC for a more balanced view. Recently, all three networks kept talking first about Kim Kardashian’s wedding, then the separation. People in the media seem to be waiting with excitement on the event. On the day of the wedding and days afterwards, I kept wondering how that was news. The conflict I found was, we keep talking about values yet we seem to endorse behaviors that go against what are considered good American values. I say this because it is alleged that the wedding was for publicity. Even if it…