Cloning Babies Essay

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Cloning Babies
Many people believe that baby cloning babies will be fun and that you can do so many stuff with the baby like change the eye color and predict how tall the baby shall be or how healthy the it might grow up to be and so many other positive things, but they never see the negative side. They don’t see were the baby can come as a defective baby or might even die inside a woman’s womb due to the failures or trying to clone a baby. In fact we should not mess with nature and the beauty of having your own baby and not having to colon any other person in this world. Due to many failures of defective DNA, cloning babies should not be allowed because it would be disrupting God’s will.
What is Cloning Babies? Sexual reproduction is the means by which genetic variability is introduced in a population. A clone, however, refers to one or more offspring derived from a single ancestor, whose genetic composition is identical to that of the ancestor (Credo “Understanding…” 1of 3). Basically this means that you make a reproduction of someone else. This concept of cloning other humans with chemicals and other dangerous substances that might harm the baby as well as the mother’s womb are not needed. We are born by God’s will not by what we want because we dint have the opportunity of choosing who we wanted to be or what we wanted to look like. We need to stop creating other humans because were basically messing with nature. If you choose your own baby then there will not be that little question in your mind asking yourself “what will my baby look like or how he will be” if you will have already chosen for him or her.
Religious beliefs are the main reason for opposing of cloning. One third of those who feel cloning humans are a bad idea say it is due to their religious beliefs. Twenty two percent believe that cloning interferes with distinctiveness and individuality (Jones “Americans…”2 of 7). In 1978 with the first “test tube baby” faced considerable opposing from religious authorities before they were successful. Other engaged of bioethics, such as the right to die, assisted suicide, and abortion (Credo “Religion…” 3 of 4). God has created everyone equally and how ever he wants and we shall not disrupt with his decision-making. God made each and every one of us differently only because we can’t be all that same because that would be boring. A Pew Research Center poll, conducted in March 2001, asked Americans what primarily influenced their thinking about unrestricted scientific research related to human cloning. Thirty-five percent of Americans said Religious beliefs has the biggest influenced, followed by the media at twenty-one percent, and education on the subject at nineteen percent (Jones “Americans…” 2 of 7). We all need an opposite person who thinks differently from us because if we all thought the same way we would never think of new ways or new ideas to do anything or make anything better we would always go by the same way of thinking.
Arguments in favor of permitting human cloning, for example to out come human infertility, seem very few and far between. Significantly, it is quite possible that cloned individuals would turn out to be at risk (Credo, “understanding…”2 of 3). Due to many fails of cloned babies, we should not proceed with more experiments because a real human baby is bound to die every time the procedure does not work. An abnormal baby would be a nightmare come true; many attempts at animal cloning produced disfigured monsters with serve abnormally. So that would mean creating cloned embryos, imputing them and destroying them (presumably) those that look imperfect as they grow in the womb (Dixon “Reasons…”1 of 17). Creating Cloned babies is like having pizza and making a rubber one that will not taste the same nor will it look the same. The creation of humans is the most wonderful thing in the world there is no point in creating something that has already been created, you can no longer make something