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Running Head: Cloning and Aspects of Cloning 1

Cloning and Aspects of Cloning Debates the Right and Wrong

Abstract 2
Cloning has been an ethical and debatable issue since the idea was first developed. There are many ways and processes of how to create cloning and many diseases that can be cured once the big issues are reconciled. However, many of the methods in which cloning is developed and many of the uses of these processes destroy lives and only do harm. Much good can come from cloning research, but we must be careful as to how we use this powerful technology. There has always been a big issue on how cloning and all related presentations to society on advances in medicine are funded. There is still room for error in trying to figure out if in the future there is a chance for even more ways of improving life.
Dolly was cloned in a laboratory by a technique called nuclear transfer; she is virtually genetically identical to a sheep born six years before. (Klotzko, A 2003)Many could not believe this was possible some feared the whole idea and some wanted it to go further and more in to depth. Thus, there came the idea of cloning human beings in this same manor that Dolly was done. Cloning of existing human beings by nuclear transfer, although now believed to be theoretically possible is still far from being proven capable of being done. (Klotzko, A 2003) With this came many ideas of getting to that point through using genetic manipulation and human therapeutic to achieve the desired outcome. In human therapeutic the process is very basic where you take an unfertilized egg from the mother and and a regular cell from the child. Introduce them in a dish and the DNA of the mother’s is taken out and replace with the child’s and then it will start to reproduce and technology will then make it produce into whichever kind of cell is needed to make that person better. For genetic manipulation scientists are cutting and then joining genetic material and DNA from one or more species and combining it with an organism to change its characteristics. There is another process called genome cloning through 3 using fission and fusion. Fission takes the process of dividing a cell from a species into two or more parts then they grow into separate cells. Fusion is when nuclear particles are binding together and combine to create greater amounts. These processes take a great amount of time and energy and are not fool proof and cannot work all the time.
Most people that do not support the practice of cloning because that it kills most embryos. The fact that the inefficiencies are enough to advice against human cloning there are those who would still like to see more advancements in the use of cloning. I have read of how some politicians and presidents are for these advances but some are not. There are many reasons for not proceeding with cloning and like ways because of the result it may bring. Science has set before us decisions of immense consequence. We can pursue medical research with a clear sense of moral purpose or we can travel without an ethical compass into a world we could live to regret. Science now presses forward the issue of human cloning. How we answer the question of human cloning will place us on one path or the other.(Roetz,H 2006) Most scientist would say they are choosing the path of good purpose but without knowing are very likely to waver towards using it for bad reasoning. So they might start to go towards what the average person wants if it came down to altering a child before it is born. Thus, creating the wrong type of being and have created someone who is going to do wrong. The envisioned state where the distinction between human being and manufactured being disappears into a seamless dress, weaving together our humankind and