Essay on Cloning: Environment and Swot Internal Strength

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2.01 Imply entrepreneurial discovery strategies to generate feasible ideas for business ventures/products
Commitment and determination leadership opportunity ovsession tolerance of risk, ambiguity and uncertaninty
Creativity, self reliance and ability to adapt motivation to excel
Social nature
Lofe experiences
Person’s position in social network
Nature of the search process a person uses
Amility to focus on the opportunities
Scientific discover occurs when a physical or technological observation is made
Circumstantial discover: Occurs when an observation is made based on specific knowledge of time, peac, or circumstance

The introduction of a new good or a new quality of a good
The introduction of a new mthod of production
The opening of a new maket
The conquest of a new source of sypply of raw materials or components
The teorganization of any industry
Environmental scanning.
Analysis and evaluation. Process that businesses use to understand their current environment
Identify environments that businesses sould scan to obtain maketing information
Internal environments
Financial resources human resources location company image reaserch and development production marketing

External environmesnt
Demographics—the physical and social characteristics of the population
Society and culture
Why scan The aim is to identify trends
Gaps events developments and isues that will impact the businesses.
Swot internal strength, internal weaknesses, external opportunities, threats
Strengths good Atendence
Wheaknesses English
Opportunities Scolerships
Threats Bad grades

Discuss factors involved in conduction an environmental scan.
Brand competition
Competition for substitute products