Cloning: Human and south Korean Researchers Essay

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A cell, cell product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived. Cloning is an extremely important part of the future of this world. It needs to be carefully inspected and decently funded in order for it to make the impact it is capable of. There are many reasons why this research is vital for the growth of not only this country, but the world as a whole.
Dolly, the sheep, was the first successfully cloned mammal. Ever since this huge step in 1977, we have been progressively making more and more discoveries and improvements to cloning. While there has been no clear evidence for the cloning of humans, recent successes by South Korean researchers in generating stem cells from cloned human embryos have opened a whole new door to the cloning of humans. Not only would cloning humans be fascinating, it would also be very medically reasonable.
Now, when cloning gets to a point where it can be used to medically improve hospitals, that is where it will make its largest impact. Picture it; cancer cells are reproducing quickly in a human body and all we have to do is clone certain cells to defend and cure the cancer. We could be able to cure almost every disease humankind knows of at this point (well with a few exceptions of course). Human organs can be reproduced to function along with the body. Brain cells can be reproduced to heal brain damage. Even human limbs can be produced if lost or un-function able. The