Cloning of Humans Essay

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The simple fact that cloning is relevent in the scientific world is insane. There are so many possibilities that come along with cloning, negative and positive. Cloning can either turn out for the best, with a successful clone and a proper use for it. Or it can go bad, with an experiment gone wrong, a messed up clone, and nothing to do with it or any way to get rid of it. Whenever a scientist clones a living creature they usually have a set plan for it afterwards, depndeding on if the cloning was a success or not. Human cloning is a real possibilty now, despite lively debate over the ethical implacatons. Christians define the soul through it's relationship with God, but I must argue that the human soul too has to be a biological phenomenon. I am not saying that the soul is a direct expression of DNA, because even identical twins with perfectly identical genes do not possess identical souls. Twins may be genetically identical but never biologically identical. The same true for clones. The soul cannot be cloned.

Personally, I worry more about gene manipulation than cloning. Gene manipulation poses real and immediate dangers to the stability of our societies. The temptation to switch bad genes with supposedly good ones will become irresistable. Therefore, a new ethics is needed for this new world we live in now. Morality is part of human nature because we live in societies. One of the most powerful theories for the evolution of society is the theory of