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Spencer Fisch
Topic #4 Cloning

Research and experimentation on human cloning has created an opportunity for me to save my child who has died of a fatal infection at the age of four months. Unable to reproduce again, I strongly believe that my spouse and I would not want to preserve and cryogenically freeze our dead child’s cells for cloning. I have a very liberal view on most topics and believe that anyone can do as they wish in this situation, so be it make them happy. To deny cloning is not to accept defeat, it is to accept naturalness. I have failed to reproduce, I can not reproduce again, I would accept the natural occurrence of my child’s death. Though my life would feel incomplete, failure, I believe I could cope with the fact that I could not reproduce. I still find purpose in life, whether or not I can produce a child of my own. I would not want to raise a child after being unable to reproduce. Adoption would not be something I would be interested in. That being said, I highly favor peoples participation in adoption over cloning. Our human populations are huge and growing, people are homeless, people are hungry, and people are in need of family. This does not mean it is anyone’s obligation to adopt a child; I do not find an obligation to do so. However if a family is choosing the route of cloning I believe it is more rational and natural to adopt and support a child who has already been born and lacks care. Cloning is not