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Michael Buckbinder
Closet Exercise

For my closet exercise I combined my data with the data of my classmates Matt Hamdan and Andrew Major. I chose two males to compare my personal data with because I felt that we would all have similar clothes and therefore it would be easier to compare. After combining our data (see attached spreadsheet) I was able to determine which country occurred the most. By far the highest percentage of clothes came from China at nearly 27%. This consisted of a variety of clothes and different brands. The next highest, the US, was a little skewed because although 16.31% of the wardrobes had outfits from the US, one person accounted for 14 socks which greatly inflated the numbers. Indonesia and Vietnam occurred next with 9.22% of the clothing. Countries that occurred in the middle included Nicaragua, El Salvador, Korea, and Mexico. These countries had more than one item of clothing but not many. There were at total of 9 countries who only had one item of clothing from there. The only place that was a little surprising to me was Thailand based of its geographical location. All of our data was pretty comparable, however unlike the other two students I had no clothes from India which had a large portion of clothing. Similarly Andrew Major did not have any items from Vietnam while Matt and I had multiple items from there. It is hard to know exactly why this variation occurred, a possibility may be where the other two classmates live and where they shop may import clothes from a specific region that the other person may not. Since there are such a large variety of brands, it is extremely hard to determine specific apparel items that come from a certain location. Something I did notice was that the bigger countries like China, produce all types of clothing while countries like Cambodia seemed more specialized in pants and shorts. Also smaller counties like El Salvador seemed to make