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Based on Eric’s overall attitude it would be considered as an ethnocentric attitude. He reply’s to his parents the following “You’ll have to arrest me if you think you’re going to take me to Africa”. He show’s ill-favor of moving to Africa with his family. Because of the way the father spoke to Eric also gave him a feeling of unease. Mr. Pilger gave his son the option of moving back to the US if he felt “miserable”. Not to mention the son’s age, the teenager will be leaving behind western sports and food. He will go through adjustment which like trying new foods and speaking a different language. Based on the location of Kenya I would like to say that the Kenyan businesses would run on polychromic culture. The instructor of Mr. Pilger’s also gave him a heads up saying “Among his tips: Don't be surprised if guests arrive an hour early, an hour late,or announce their departure four times.” This evidence shows that lax time the culture has when scheduling a business meeting. Using the GLOBE guide Mr. Pilger should be a Charismatic/value based, Team oriented, Participative. The Humane orientation represents the degree, to which individuals are encouraged to be altruistic, caring, kind, generous, and fair. I believe Mr. Pilger would accomplish these styles. Because of the recent blunders made by the previous managers Mr. Pilger should avoid being self-protective as with all the cultural clusters. The positive aspect of the Pilgers’ pre-departure training was that they were able to learn the African political history, business practices, social customs and nonverbal interactions. This even enabled them to have a wider perspective of the different cultures. Living in Ohio there are not much ethic groups to interact with so this training was about to handle culture-shocks for example…