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Closing Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you heard it first hand. Chris Archer took advantage of
Milan’s well­being, knowing how badly she wanted to be a Gamma. She always made it worse for her than anyone else. She told Tyler that she “had something special in mind” for her on Hell night ... and that task was the very one that ultimately killed her
. Chris Testified that she was drinking, and still, he made her raise the flag on top of the clock tower
. To the average person, raising a flag over a 26 foot fall sounds pretty dangerous, imagine the task while intoxicated.
Who in their right mind could do something to someone like that. Just because you find someone to be a bit of a snob doesn’t mean that you should try to kill them. Dean Thomas had high standards to keeping the campus hazing free, soley for the purpose of continuing the large flow of donations from the Gamma Alumni. Exhibit one will clearly show that Dean Thomas was worried about hazing, maybe even lacking to take action thereof when anyone reported incidents of it. To think that if the Dean would have helped
Milan when she went to tell her about being hazed,
MAYBE SHE WOULDN’T BE DEAD. Ms. Smith Testified that while she was in the hospital, some of the Gamma’s came to visit her. She testified that Chris and some other Gamma members visited her... to threaten her; they said that if she would have went to the authorities about being hazed, that there would be repercussions. She would have been made an outcast and they knew she wasn’t very popular to begin with. Our expert witness, Dr. Alex Richards testified that hazing is only becoming harder and harder to detect; now more than ever because the repercussions of hazing are harsh and unforgiving. He also testified that this isn’t the first incident of a pledge falling off of the clock tower, however Milan was the only fatality of the 5 times that it happened. “Milan retracted her statements of how she was hazed, but it clearly still happened… it was extremely clear that she was traumatized by the fear that was instilled in her by the Gamma’s,” said Dr. Richards.
There was absolutely no way that she would have come forth when it came to being hazed. Milan had a Favorite Aunt. That aunt died from a pretty hard, and high fall. Ever since that horrible incident, Milan had been afraid of heights. This brings forth the question. If Milan was sober, would she really have hung the Gamma flag on top of the clock tower knowing how high up the ledge was?
Chris testified that she was in fact drinking that night. If she knew that she was drinking, then why would she make her hang the flag. I’ll tell you exactly why.
She knew that she had to get rid of her because she knew that Milan would come forth about how they brutally hazed not only her, but all of the other pledges. Chris was under a lot of pressure to keep Gamma hazing­free. That was most specifically noted in Exhibit one. The memo given to Chris from Dean Thomas. Isn’t it also funny how Dean Thomas specifically wrote that to Chris regarding the Gamma Fraternity? We the prosecution, don’t find this to be mere coincidence. It is crystal clear that Dean Thomas knew about Gamma’s hazing activities

and just tried to cover it up to continue the large amount of donations from the Gamma

May I remind you, the jury, of what constitutes first degree murder. Number one, premeditation. Chris clearly plotted out how to hurt Milan