Closing of KOSUN “Solids Control School” Training Successfully Essay

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KOSUN have been paying special attention to staff’s business skill. It help staff improve the business skill by all kinds of technology, management and sales training. By all training conference, it have many talents.

In order to know more about the performance of products by colleagues and old and new customers, and also to make sales challenge business busy time, KOSUN hold three days’ sales training. The training is about performance of products, technology parameter, sales skills, business process and service ect.

All of the staff participate in the training. In order to improve the quality of training, the leaders pay high attention to it. The high-level management staff, the manager of different department and other related staff come to training and answer some questions face to face. The director of technology department and engineers show the performance, assembly, trial-run and maintenance and production of black Rihno series solid control system and new drilling waste treatment equipment, and the estimated problem and correct action. The R&D department propose creative design action, and the new idea impress staff. All staff have good communication about the sales problem and suggestion. Many have answer through this discussion.

KOSUN also invite teacher from American sales professor to lecture us. Mr Gamal analyze the situation of international and domestic market .Also he shows us many famous international and domestic brand, management and sales format. He calls for challenge and new