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Are you due to have a baby soon? Are you wondering what the best path for diapering is? Well read on! I am going to give you a clear description of both types of diapering and also the advantages and disadvantages of both types of diapering as well!
When you are choosing which diaper method to use, you have two options, cloth diapering, or disposable diapering. Both types of diapers do the same job, but there are many differences between the two.
When babies are born they are unable to use the toilet like you and I do, so we put them in to diapers to catch urine and feces. Most people diaper their children until at least the age of one. Then many parents start potty training, and start using pull ups or regular underwear, depending on how fast their child learns to use the potty. Baby’s diapers need to be changed at least every two to three hours, sometimes sooner if they went to the bathroom, more than usual. There are many pros and cons to each type of diaper.
Cloth diapering is a lot cheaper, because the diapers can be washed and reused, at least thirty to forty times, before having to be thrown away. Disposable diapers can only be used once; therefore they can become extremely pricey. If you are changing your child the recommended times a day, you should be going through twelve to fifteen diapers a day. Most times, about sixty to eighty diapers come in a pack, therefore one pack of diapers is only going to last for a little less than a week. This is one of the main reasons parents cloth diaper, because disposable diapers are so expensive. On average, the average family that uses disposable diapers spends at least $40-$50 on diapers a month depending on what brand of diapers are used. That’s $500 a year just on diapers.
Cloth diapers can usually can become extremely messy, if your child goes number two. Since these types of diapers usually are not as absorbent as disposable diapers, they do not hold as much, therefore if your child has an extremely full diaper, it may start to come out the sides, and get all over their clothes, blankets, etc. Disposable diapers are usually very absorbent, and there fore they usually do not leak, and causes a lot of messes. All though, there are times, when no matter which type of diaper you choose to use, you can still have a huge mess, depending on what your child has done. Most times, disposable diapers only come in one pattern, and that is plain white. Occasionally, there will be different designs on them, or cartoon characters like Elmo or Mickey Mouse, but most times, they are completely white. This is why they have diaper covers to cover up that boring plain white design. Cloth diapers come in a variety of colors, designs, etc. When using cloth diapers, most times your child has an interesting colored or designed diaper on. There are a lot of companies out there, which will put any type of design you desire on to the cloth diaper you are purchasing. I have seen cloth diapers be in neon colors, or tie dye or have flowers or butterflies on them.
Disposable diapers are extremely convenient, because you can just grab one out of the package, and put it right on to your child. Disposable diapers do not need to be cleaned on a daily basis. They can just be taken right off of the child, and thrown right in to the trash can. Cloth diapers on the other hand have to be washed right after use, which if you are out, and you have to change your child’s diaper, you have to clean that diaper where ever you are.
Both types of diapers come in different sizes. Disposable diapers, usually come in sizes like N (newborn), 1, 2, 3, etc. These sizes go by the weight of the child. Newborn diapers are for up to 8lbs, size 1 diapers are 8lbs to 14lbs, and so on. Cloth diapers usually come by months, like newborn, zero to three months, three to six month, etc. Both types of diapering can be used on any child. When using either