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A Milliner’s Story
Back in the early 1700’s. There was an occupation called a milliner. A milliner was a job that made women’s clothing and accessories. Back then, a milliner was mainly the only job that a girl could work in. They made hats, shoes, and gowns.
How milliner’s produced goods Milliner’s used wool to make fabric. They pulled it from an iron block that pressed gowns down and other clothes. There were metal irons that were heated by a fireplace. Milliner’s sewed fabric with a needle and thread by hand because there weren’t any modern machines at that time. Milliner’s and laundresses had a trick of getting stains like grease, oil, ink spots, and paint out of dresses. They took a plain loaf of bread and rubbed it on any stained clothing.
What milliner’s made
They made robes, cloaks, mitts, masks, mules, paper fans, and aprons. In addition to that, a women who made fashion accessories, was also a business women, sold a wide range of fashionable goods. It’s very uncommon for a milliner to advertize. And that’s why this woman was so important. The milliner job was one of the most important jobs back then and it was a good paying job you could have.
The under garments
Women have many steps to getting dressed. First, they have to put on a corset which is an undergarment that holds at your waste and gives you good posture. There’s an outer garment called a cloak which is like a coat with no arms, and a hood. Then, there are petticoats and they were wire-tied