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The Revolutionary Idea

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that is transported as a service/product. Cloud computing is a service that lets the consumer have remote access of their data, software and computation from any device with Internet service. The cloud part of cloud computing is the symbol for the complex system of cloud computing.

This event is on the option stage of the Revolution Timeline because many large companies have created cloud computing. The companies that are working on creating cloud computing are Apple, Microsoft and Google. These companies were slow on embracing this revolutionary idea. Apple has created ICloud, Google has created Google Docs and Google Drive and Microsoft has created the Cloud. There are some small companies that have created cloud computing services like Dropbox, Box and SugarSync. These companies have done well considering that they are not well known companies. For example, Dropbox has over 50m registered consumers and raised more than 250 million dollars in private capital. Even the smaller companies are doing well with cloud computing services so; it is just the beginning of the revolution because the anyone can make it in this business. Now, cloud computing has become very popular, everyone in the computer field is doing cloud computing. Many companies are doing cloud computing so, there are many different services and versions of it; There are many options of cloud computing so, that is why it is in the options stage of the Revolution Timeline.

The conditions that are present that will continue or halt this process are that the costumers must like it and want cloud computing and the companies must take control. Also, the desire must be fulfilled and the companies should be compelled to create a better prod by adding or improving the service. These conditions must be present for cloud computing to continue its revolution because if the conditions are not present, the costumers will lose their interest or the companies will lose faith in their product. If these conditions are present, cloud computing will have its revolution because the demand will be high, there will be interest and the companies will have a good vibe from their product/service. If the conditions change in any way, it will have an affect on cloud computing’s revolution; the affect can be small or large depending on how big the conditions change. If the conditions are present and the revolution continues, this desire will become a need because it will become a part of everyday life. If it becomes a part of everyday life, it will become a part of our work and maybe if someone does not know how to use cloud computing, they may not get the job. Like all the other revolutions, they all have conditions, just like this one and these conditions have to be present, just like in all of the other revolutions that have happened all around the world. Conditions are a huge part of a revolution and can decide if it will continue or will halt the revolution process.

No sole person or company can say that they completely invented cloud computing. As it relates specifically to computing services, IBM was one of the very first big cloud computing players. In 2001, IBM began developing Autonomic Computing, or computer and network systems that dynamically managed themselves to most efficiently allocate computing resources. In 2003, IBM began marketing something called "on-demand computing." On-demand computing offered IBM's clients the opportunity to "outsource" computer processing and other resources to IBM data centers and super computers. They had to pay only for