Cloud Computing Essay

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Elizabeth C Okebugwu
Introduction/analysis 1. Identify and explain three reason why cloud computing is superior
Cloud computing is gradually taking over the present business empire, every company is adapting to the easiest way to reach out to its customers. According to (koomey, 2011) Cloud computing has proven to be
ECONOMICAL: which means that it is cheaper to get and provide services to its customer, which not only grows the business, but also saves the business a lot of extra resources that could be placed in other aspect of growing the business. Another reason why cloud computing is better is
DIVERSITY AND AGGREGATION: diversity has been known to bring a lot of growth and step downs to a lot of businesses, been able to reach all type is consumer is very important to any business, as well as been accessible be all kinds of consumer from as of works of life, this is another way which cloud computing proves to be productive.
FLEXIBILITY: flexibility has become the order of the day when it comes to businesses and serving their customer, this is why everything is becoming portable and wireless, e.g. ipad, notebook, nook, Iwatch, Google glass, this are all means in which businesses are trying to bring flexibility to their customers, knowing fully well that a consumer will go with the easiest thing they can work with . 2. When cloud computing the wrong solution for DR/BC
DR/BC according to (isaca, 2010.) DRP deals with the recovery of a business after a disaster hits , just like how cloud computing is fun and easy to use , businesses still needs to…