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The Geek myths tell of creatures plucked from the surface of the earth enshrined as constellations in the night sky. Something similar is happening today in the world of computing. Data and programs are being swept up from the desktop PCs and server rooms and installed in “the computer cloud”. In general there is a shift in geography of computation.
The basic definition of what exactly is cloud computing is “An emerging computer paradigm where data and services reside massively scalable data centers in the cloud and can be accessed from any connected devices over the internet”, i.e. in easy words cloud computing means someone else runs your computer and software while you use what they deliver and focus on delivering values.
Taking the solutions that are “in the cloud” everyone uses it as community resource without owning any of them. For example a cloud solution is delivered as a service like a cup of coffee in Starbucks. Everyone goes in pays and gulps down a cup but so one stop’s to think about how much coffee maker they used? Or what type of machine they used? The idea is just to go there for a cup of coffee and not the equipment’s used to make the coffee. That’s a service. Everybody uses the same equipment and gets their coffee in the same way. This is the principle of cloud computing. Hence by this you no longer need to own some of your computing equipment’s, which also means you don’t need staff to maintain it.
Cloud computing is