Cloud Computing Case Study

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Case Study 2: Cloud Computing
CIS 500 - Information Systems for Decision Making

Case Study 2: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will give organizations a new way to look at expansion, globalization and mobilization that will not cost large sums of money. Ericsson decided to partner with Amazon because its company is trustworthy and flexible. Amazon has been around for a very long time and continues to stand strong by providing its customers a product that caters to their individual needs.
Why Amazon?

Ericsson chose Amazon Web Services because they felt it was the most integrated public cloud provider in the Cloud Management Platform. The Ericsson team needed to connect with a service that allowed them to have hosting centers in various regions that were easily accessible without hiring new staff or equipment. With Cloud Computing, you don’t have to spend time on these activities; instead you just pay for the resources you consume on a variable basis ( By joining Amazon Web Services, Ericsson has the ability to use automatic updates within the internal system version needing the manpower and resources to go out to manually conduct the updates as needed.
Remote access will now be less confusing and more manageable as long as the user has internet access this could be obtained. By having on-demand availability Ericsson will be able to dispute information and capture data more quickly. Amazon Web Services is overall better business investment because Ericsson will not have to worry about over usage since they are only using what they need and also have the ability to expand where necessary.
Through the evaluation Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and RightScale they all hold an important role with cloud computing. By providing a solid and secure foundation a customer can have consistent and reliable service. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a service that will allow a customer to resize as needed for scalability by only using what is needed. Which is different from past service where a customer had one flat rate no matter how much they needed. Amazon S3 provides storage space for large amounts of data for an organization to have access to no matter where they are in the world with less limitation. RightScale is the management tool for cloud computing, which allow an organization to manage all of their information with a single answer.
Security Concerns
One of the biggest security concerns would be to rely on cloud computing to have a secure system that would be trustworthy. Most organizations are suspicious with trusting this system with vital information that could be stolen if hacked. How this could be resolved is having a backup external drive along with malware and firewalls. Using unsecure networks could pose a threat to a breaching a system, how this could be resolved is making sure that secure networks are being accessed each time a person is on the system.
Possible concerns that may affect the scalability, reliability and cost issues with cloud computing would be the control of how the contracts between companies