Cloud computing Security Essay

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A network cloud refers to the fundamental features of the cloud which transfers to cloud computing through association.
Cloud computing even though some of the concepts were around for since as far back as the 1950s is considered the latest digital revolution. Cloud computing is a very controversial subject because of its roots of already being used by some of the biggest companies in the world for many years. Some argue that it is just the internet (some of the services they claim under the umbrella of being “cloud” hosted for example are only merely branded as such and provides no real benefits of a cloud’s infrastructure. Cloud in reality it is an alignment of procedures, hardware, and software to create a redundant, flexible, and cost-efficient solution for scalable, redundant computing to developers, consumers, and businesses.
The best example of cloud computing for developers is the now giant in the industry; AWS (Amazon Web Services). Amazon sells CPU power by the hour and dynamically throw create and delete instances based on what they need at any given time.
An example of the cloud “just working” in a passive way without inferring with user experience is saving your favorite mobile, PC or consoles games settings, preference and save files dynamically to the “cloud” so that if you remove the game and reinstall it later everything can be downloaded where you exactly left off. Steam, a digital distribution platform for PC games owned by Valve Software does this on a huge scale. An example more