Essay about Cloud Computing in Education

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Cloud computing- an emerging trend in education in India

1. Introduction to cloud computing
Cloud Computing is the use of common software, functionality or business applications from a remote server that is accessed via the Internet. Basically, the Internet is the "cloud" of applications and services that are available for access by subscribers utilizing a modem from their computer. With Cloud Computing, one simply logs into desired computer applications - such as sales force or office automation programs, web services, data storage services, spam filtering, or even blog sites. Generally, access to such programs is by monthly or annual paid subscription. Through Cloud Computing, businesses may prevent financial waste, better track
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Disadvantages of cloud computing
1) Requires a Constant Internet Connection
2) Doesn’t Work Well with Low-Speed Connections
3) Can Be Slow
4) Features Might Be Limited
5) Stored Data Might Not Be Secure
6) If the Cloud Loses Your Data, You’re Screwed
7) 5. History of Cloud computing
6. Architecture of Cloud Computing
Individual users connect to the cloud from their own personal computers or portable devices, over the Internet. To these individual users, the cloud is seen as a single application, device, or document. The hardware in the cloud (and the operating system that manages the hardware connections) is invisible.

It all starts with the front-end interface seen by individual users. This is how users select a task or service (either starting an application or opening a document). The user’s request then gets passed to the system management, which finds the correct resources and then calls the system’s appropriate provisioning services.
These services carve out