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Cloud-street Analysis
The narrator of ‘Cloud- Street’ uses free indirect style to describe Rose’s emotions and thoughts towards her father. This is clear through her choice of words to describe her father, it can be seen in the second line, “she hated him” by using words such as ‘hate’ we know as readers that Rose does not favor her father simply due to past events that have taken place in her life.
Additionally as readers we would not expect this expression to be said by the writers voice as it is a personal opinion, therefore suggests that it is said by the character. Throughout the extract the narrator uses colloquial language to describe Rose’s emotions, such as ‘four be two snot him with it, the word ‘snot’ highlights the fact that she is an ordinary girl and the word ‘four be two ‘ describes her social class to be working.
It’s easy to distinguish between the narrative voice and Rose’s voice as the narrator uses third person narrative to tell the story from the perspective of the character which is a way to help an author gather distance from the storyteller because a reader can think deeply about the traits of the narrative character. Once the reader has a good sense of the character, it’s easy to assign a voice to relay his or her thoughts and experiences. For example ‘Rose sat beside him and watch him sleep’, it is clear that it is in narrative voice as its describing the scene not opinion whereas, ‘ he didn’t have a pinch of sense’ is clearly in Rose’s voice