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A New Beginning

It was not easy for the young princess to live under the harsh conditions imposed on her by her cruel father the wicked King Julian and his henchman the Duke of Montavas. It was so bad that she set about the______________ task of __________________ to the neighboring kingdom in search of freedom and a new life. This was a difficult decision for her to make, because all of her life she had been told that the neighboring kingdom was in total ______________ without any civilized people within its borders and that she should never ever travel there. Never-the-less she had decided that no government was better than the life she now had and was determined to make an escape. Now this Princess whose name was Anne had noticed that the Duke had an eye for her, so she decided to use his affection for her to her advantage. She knew that he was the only one who had __________________ to the keys that locked and unlocked the very large gate at the entrance to the kingdom. One night after having a few drinks with him (lemonade of course!), she talked him into giving her the keys, by telling him that such a strong and _________________ person would never be afraid to let someone he cared about hold an item as dear as the Keys to the Kingdom for a few minutes. Well, once she had them in her hand she magically handcuffed him to the wall, and made off with the keys. It was a(n) ______________________ beginning to her escape or so she thought. She had forgotten that tomorrow was the duty of the big _________________ showing off all of the