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Club IT

Alicia Morris
Professor Richard Wallace

University of Phoenix
October 27, 2013

Club IT is a night club located in the downtown area of Atlanta, Georgia. The club is owned by Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys. The two of them had a dream of opening a night club and with the Business Administration Degrees it became possible. The two opened Club IT that occupies almost 6000 square feet of space with a 600 square feet dance floor and seating for 220 people. The club has tall ceiling and high energy lighting that creates an ambience full of fun and excitement. They also have a kitchen for short orders and a bar with four pour stations. They are opened six days a week and offer a variety of music as well as a live band on the weekend.
The audience Club IT is targeting is college students and young professional. Although Club IT has been in business for some time they are experiencing aging issues with their present technology. Technology is changing every day therefor there is a need to keep the systems up dated with in a business. The club has been successful, but the owners have decided that it would be more beneficial for the company to update their information system to better handle the function of their business.
My visit to Club IT was pleasant and exciting. The remodeling of the business inside and out was money well spent. The atmosphere of the club was very inviting. The food and drinks were affordable and there was ample amount of space to accommodate the crowd. Overall I enjoyed my night out, but I also noticed there was a need for some improvements. The improvement would definitely send Club IT in the right direction for success. The owners Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys asked my opinion about their current information system and how it can be upgraded to improve the information technology, data management, and decision making capabilities.
Club IT has accomplished their goal of opening a night club where people can enjoy themselves. The environment is friendly and provides different options for their enjoyment which is great music including a live band food and drinks. The ambience the club provides keeps customers constantly returning. The cliental of the club is expanding and with this expansion there are several things that need to be done to make the flow of business easier. Every business should have information technology resources in order to have a successful business. The first thing I would do would be to upgrade their computer hardware and internet. The club is currently using a three year old computer system. A dated computer system will not give the business