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Club IT Information Systems

Tamaika Bennett


September 23, 2012
Eric Rios

Club IT Information Systems

Club IT, is a downtown nightclub that offers various genres of music and appetizing food selections, which was founded by Lisa Tejada and Rubin Keys. (Wiley 2008) Despite the success that Club IT has generated, Tejada & Keys, realized that they needed to improve the club technical information systems to remain competitive , for instance, most businesses that properly utilize enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), and customer relationship management (CRM) operations, have increased their business revenue and longevity.

Club IT Business Problems Club IT, is a successful nightclub venue, but some of the club technical information resources, organization structures, and people communication strategies have become obsolete, for example, customer can only purchase tickets through phone orders, or in person. The club website also needs improvement because clients can review the company employee personal information such as hourly wages and salaries. Club IT should protect employee and company privacy records, by updating their applications and software systems, so that the website can properly convey information to the intended audience that will eliminate confusion between the employees and the public. The majority of the clients of Club IT is technical savvy and use wireless devices to convey and receive information, so it is imperative for Club IT to innovate their systems to reach technical millennia audiences . Club IT website, also gives consumers information about live musical band dates and Club IT merchandise selections, but the website could use some enhancements such as graphics and online purchasing options.

Club IT Solutions Club IT can enhance its business strategies by incorporating Sysco system software and applications ( that will help the organization to sustain inventory, manage food supplies, and ecommerce transactions systems that will organize their business practices. For example, if the owners decide to use Sysco ( enterprise resource planning system, chain supply management, and customer relationship management systems, the company could save time and payroll because these information systems are applications and software that keep track of business transactions such inventory, and invoices. For instance, if Club IT, installs software and data applications that allow individuals to purchase tickets at their own convenience, could improve business on a broader scale because people are not limited to waiting on a phone or standing in long lines. Furthermore, by adding software that allows consumers to purchase the organization gift cards, apparel and products online, could also produce higher revenue for the company because many individuals buy or communicate through technical devices. Club IT, ERP, CRM, and SCM Business Strategies Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are considered to be the most effective computer application in the modern manufacturing industry, and they are recognized as successful management systems (Ormsby et al. 1990). Luckily, Club IT can compile data and information from utilizing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system, for instance, Club IT, can track ticket purchases, food orders, and merchandise sales, through the (ERP) services because this systems record and keep data, for future retrieval, which can help executives and employees, to