Club IT Essay

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Club IT
Robert Cummings
June 28, 2011
Dr. Brad Prince
Club IT
Club IT is a small intimate music venue in downtown that offers a venue for performers who want an intimate place to play at. The Club IT is owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. Both of these owners are musicians in their own right. So they know what a musician, band or group is looking for a venue acoustically.
The type of bands that Club IT is looking to book is pop, hip-hop, and 80’s retro bands. The club also has a DJ during the week to keep the club going when there aren’t bands performing. The clientele that Club IT caters too is a mixed range of ages, races, sexual orientation, and gender. Everyone is welcome to Club IT and there are theme nights to emphasis a specific type of clientele.
Some of the information resources that Club IT use is their website, intranet, email, and finances software. Club IT uses their intranet for their employees to keep each other informed on which groups are coming into the venue as well as what nights will be specific theme night in the club. Emails would be used for employees to send out information on the email distribution list about Club IT on who is coming to play at the venue.
This information can be also uploaded to Club IT’s website to keep the general public informed about the venue. Also on Club IT’s website the public will be able to purchase tickets for upcoming performances from the groups that play at the venue. This will also bring into play some of the aspects of the finance software. The finance software that Club IT uses would process payments to the groups that use the venue, ticket purchases both at the box office and from the website, and keep track of payroll for all of the employees. These information resources are beneficial to both Club IT and the general public.
One of the strategies for Club IT to have a competitive advantage is customer orientation thru their website and online purchasing of tickets. When a customer goes on Club IT’s website they will have an option to create an account online. When the customer registers on the website all of the vital information is stored for